Morning Jog Revelations (As I Grieve the Loss of a Job I Loved)

I have a Facebook friend who said he was going to post a weekly picture of his weight to keep himself accountable. Inspired by him, I originally posted this on Facebook to do the same with my own “heaviness” challenge. Who knows, maybe this little blog will help one of you as you have helped me.

In church last week we watched the movie “58”—a film about extreme poverty. I was miserable. I told our associate pastor: “People keep telling me ‘God has a plan for you.’ But why would God have a plan for me that is better than the plan for them? I don’t DESERVE more than they have.”

Revelation #1: One of the featured women was living with five children in a hut smaller than my carport. But, swatting flies from her face, she was able to express the joy she had in Christ.

Revelation #2: Poverty is not God’s plan, it is an abomination that we must fight.

Revelation #3: I do not deserve more than a person in extreme poverty. But I OWE more. Many persons—such as my mother who delayed her retirement for three years to help make our house payment while I finished my PhD—have made many sacrifices to equip me. I owe it to them to and to that woman in that hut to be a good steward of my time, resources and talents. Getting a good job that fits my passions, training, and skill is not in my power; but looking for one is, and I DO NOT need to feel guilty about making the most of what I’ve been given.

Revelation #4: Sadness is OK. Grief is OK. Moping and self-defeating attitudes are not OK.

Revelation #5: “God, forgive me for resenting you for loving people I hate. Hurting people hurt people. Bless them in their hurt. Help me be faithful and loving.”

Revelation #6: Mean it like you want your kids to mean it: “We Bullls wobble but we don’t stay down.”

Thank you, high school history teacher John Toomey, for your “10 Commandments” that my sister found in her scrapbook the other day. I miss you, dear teacher. Yes, “the world can go on with out me” and “hard work never hurt anyone.” Thank you for writing in my high school annual: “For many people high school marks a setting of the sun; for you it is just beginning to rise.” Revelation #7: If I live to be 100, it’s not even noon yet.

Sure, there are going to be more challenges. But thanks Friends, Family, and Believers for your patient listening and encouragement during the low ebbs. Oh…thanks also to the producers of Nanny McPhee Returns; “lesson five, to have faith”…well, not “complete” but in progress.


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